Sandpipers & Plovers - Patrick J. Blake Photography
Overlooking the Gakhwangjeon Pavilion at the Hwaeomsa Temple in Jirisan National Park.<br />
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1 June 2013

Grey Plover / 개꿩
Bar-tailed Godwit / 큰뒷부리도요
Pluvialis squatarola & Limosa lapponica menzbieri
Family Charadriidae & Scolopacidae
Aphae-do, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
18 May 2014

birdsandpiperploverbar tailed godwitblack bellied plovergodwitgrey plovergray plover개꿩큰뒷부리도요pluvialis squatarolalimosa lapponica