Blackbirds & Allies - Patrick J. Blake Photography
An inlet in the southeastern corner of Serpentine Lake in the Christmas Mountains.  Water flowing downhill from the nearby mountains empties into this small pond, which continues to flow into the much larger Serpentine Lake.  Our research team would often see bald eagles and western osprey fishing the waters of Serpentine Lake.<br />
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Although this pond is very shallow, it is also very tranquil, with a small series of waterfalls just to the left, where the mountain streams empties into the pond.  It takes little imagination to consider putting a cabin near the shore here.<br />
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Photo taken 19 June 2010.

Red-winged Blackbird (male)
Nominate subspecies
Agelaius phoeniceus phoeniceus
Chapman Mills Conservation Area, Nepean, Ontario
23 May 2008

On my lunch break one afternoon I headed out to the nearby conservation area to enjoy the warmer weather.  Unfortunately it was an overcast day, but it was nice to be out of the office for awhile, so I didn't mind.

I must have been a little too close to an unseen nest, because the red-wings were not pleased with my presence there.  This male was making a high-pitched call, alerting every other blackbird in the area that I was snooping around.  I took a couple of great close-ups before leaving them alone.

birdblackbirdred winged blackbirdagelaius phoeniceustroupial